Diesel Injector Service

Diesel injector service is one of the most tasks that needs to be done for a car to function properly. Mainly, the engine is the part of the car that uses the specific part to deliver through the fuel to the different parts of the car. So in other words, it is impossible for a car to run without any diesel injector applied to it.

What is diesel Injection?

Fuel diesel injectors are the parts that are playing an important role for the car systems to function properly. When an engine start working, the injectors are making sure that the right amount of fuel passes through to the engine. The right amount of fuel that is required to pass through at the right time. The method that the fuel passes through to the engine is in mist format.

The injector sprays out the fuel towards the engine where the it then get used appropriately. The whole steps that take from where the fuel is taken from the car fuel tank to the sraying of the car from the injector is a complex procedure. It is a very difficult procedure since it happens in very high temperatures and high pressures.

Is it important cleaning diesel injector?

Of course it is essential important to clean diesel injectors. Cleaning them thoughtouly, helps on the engine performance otherwise it will not function properly. There are various ways you can clean them depending on your skills and parts you have available.

The correct way is to bring the car to a garage with professional engineers. They are usually take the actual part from the car and take is apart and all its pieces. Using this way, it is very risky to make a mistake that can cause issues on the actual part.

The second method that is easier and does not require a lot of engineering knowledge is using different fuel injector cleaner applications. The specific cleaners are used inside the fuel of the car which then pases through to the injector. In some cases this way may not be the best to use as it does not clean throughouly injectors that are really dirty.

Finally, if none of the above ways is successful, then the final chance is use chemical cleaners which are dangerous and difficult to use. So in case you use this way and it is still not succeffully cleaned, then the best option is to bring the engine to an expert engineer.

Home Diesel injector service

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diesel injector service

As discussed above, there is a way to try and clean the injector yourself. The method to do it is very clear and easy but very risky. The steps for inhome diesel injector service are the following:

  1. At the beginning, you have to buy a diesel fuel additive that is compatible with your car engine.
  2. The next step is to turn off the car and make sure that there is not a lot of fuel in the car.
  3. Add the recommended amount of additive inside the fuel tank.
  4. Fill in the rest of the fuel tank with fuel and run the engine for about ten minutes.
  5. In case the diesel injector is not very dirty, this process can clear the dirt from it.

The different types of fuel injectors

Choosing a diesel fuel injector is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, there are many brands that construct diesel fuel injectors. the easiest way to get around this, is to check the old injector and see its part number. Using the part number, it can easily be identified and find the same one. Otherwise, the other option is to go through and find it through the manufacturer and then check the looking to be exactly the same.

On the other hand, there is also another solution in case you have a faulty diesel fuel injector. We re-manufacture diesel injectors for various makes and models and make them work like they are new. Our engineers are well trained with many years of experience and we quarranty that they will provide the best service possible. In case you are looking for a re-manufacturing diesel injectors service contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.