Services Overview

We offer a wide range of car diesel injectors for different car models and makes. We are re-manufacturing diesel injectors that are faulty and make them work properly so they can be used again. Of course we provide professional re-manufacturing service which means that the injector you will receive back will be in excellent condition as new. Our services are provided to different car makes and models including Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Suzuki, Fiat, Opel, and many more.

Our engineers are providing an exceptional and are always ready to serve you. Repairing injectors has been our specialty since many years ago. This is the main reason why our staff is so well trained and professional.

What diesel injectors should i buy?

We always identify the correct injectors using their parts number. This way we are definitely sure that the specific part is the correct one.

Do you remanufacture injectors?

Yes. We re-manufacture injectors for different car makes and models. You can find more details about the different models and makes we are repairing more often.

How long does it take to repair an injector?

We are always trying to serve our customers the quickest we can. Repairing an injector can take a couple of hours. But it also depends on how busy we are. But of course, we are trying our best to keep all our customers satisfied.

Why re-manufacturing diesel injectors and not buy a new injector instead?

First of all, buying a new diesel injector is not the best option as it will cost a fortune for no reason. On the other hand, remanufacturing an existing diesel injector that is faulty, will cost a lot less and it will work also properly as it supposes to.

In case you are looking to buy diesel injectors and/or fuel pumps, do not hesitate to visit our diesel injectors and fuel pumps product range.