We provide high quality products for various car makes and models
We re-manufacture car fuel pumps using high quality statndards
We provide a wide range of common rail diesel injectors

Diesel Injectors and Fuel Pumps Remanufacturer

Why Choose Us

Customer Service

Get the best customer service possible from our professional engineers. We are proud to say that all our customers are very satisfied with our services.

Quality Products

All our diesel injectors are top quality and thoroughly tested. Our engineers and special machinery are fully reliable to remanufacture various common rail injectors.

High Standards

Receive high standards customer service from our professional engineers. We are proud to say that all our customers are very satisfied with our services.


Specialize in identifying and repairing different can engine problems. Always making sure that the equipment is compatible with your car before we replace any faulty parts.


Leading remanufacturer based in Paphos, Cyprus. Able to remanufacture injectors and fuel pumps for various car models and makes.

Diesel Injectors Brands

Choose between various diesel injector brands including Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Vdo.


We provide a wided range of car diesel common rail injectors and fuel pump in Paphos, Cyprus. Always providing excellent customer service and quality products. Our qualified staff is ready to handle any related problem you may have.

In addition, we range of services to vehicle owners not only around Paphos but also in the rest of Cyprus. We are specializing on car diesel common rail injectors and diesel common rail fuel pumps. Whether you are driving a small car, a bigger car or a van, we will ensure it will have the best common rail diesel injectors and common rail fuel pump.

Since our company has been established our company has unique services that cannot be found anywhere else. Moreover, we can also post our products all over the world for an extra charge, Finally, we are always pleased to serve our customers, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you find the diesel injector you are looking for, you can use the searching tools we provide. You can either search for the specific manufacturer number and make or you can check in which cars each injector fits.

Yes, of course we can post our products to other countries using different postal services. You will be able to choose which postal service you would like as soon as you through the checkout stages.

We are mainly focused in repairing diesel injectors and fuel pumps for different car makes and models. If you are looking to buy a diesel injector or fuel pump you can find our product range on our shop. Otherwise if you are looking to have your diesel injector or fuel pump repaired, please contact us and we will make sure to provide the best possible service.

Product BRands
Check below the different product brands we are providing.
Bosch brand
Delphi brand
Denso brand
VDO brand
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